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Tamper-proof security designed for most
internal doors worldwide

The Howsarlock – Portable Door Lock

Introducing a portable and universal door lock with a difference – a simple lock for use by all – small enough to carry in a pocket, lightweight and inexpensive.

Whenever a degree of privacy or security is required, e.g. hostels, offices and student accommodation, in the home or while travelling you are not likely to find a more user-friendly lock to suit your needs.

Key Features

Although not intended to replace permanent locks, the Howsarlock provides an additional basic barrier and deterrent protection against intruders.

Protect Against Intruders – Although not intended to replace permanent locks, the Howsarlock provides an additional basic barrier and deterrent protection against intruders.
Hassle Free – Simple and quick to install and release – matter of seconds and no need for any tools
Worldwide Use – Adaptable to nearly all internal doors
Rest Assured – Lock is inaccessible and invisable from outside the room – provides tamper proof security
Always Secure – Door will be secure even if someone has the key
Durable – Simple, uncomplicated design makes it less prone to fault
No problem at Customs – Ideal for travellers – small and lightweight with no metal parts to give problems at customs!
Portable – Easily carried in pocket or handbag – fits into the palm of the hand.

How it works

Introducing a portable and universal door lock with a difference – a simple lock for use by all – small enough to carry in a pocket, lightweight and inexpensive.

Howsar Lock

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Product Description

A simple gadget which can be fitted to nearly all internal doors to keep intruders out while you sleep. It’s durable, small and lightweight – a must-have.

6 reviews for Howsar Lock

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Student Accommodation

Unable to lock your bedroom door in your student house? This is the solution! The lock allows you to lock doors from the inside.

Keep Children Safe

With the Howsarlock, you can be confident that your little one isn’t getting into any danger.

Stay Safe Whilst Travelling

The Howsar Lock offers additional overnight security on doors when you’re travelling. Can be installed to most internal doors worldwide.

School Lock Down

Add that extra security to classroom doors with the Howsar Lock. Perfect for school lockdowns and drills.

If I was a backpacker, especially female, and doing a lot of hostels I'd invest £4.99 in a 'Howsar Lock' ...Very useful for bedrooms and toilet doors.

Team Geared Up"I like the fact that its all plastic. You can carry it through airport security fine."

The Howsarlock is an ingenious device made out of reinforced nylon. Neat"

Red Ferret Journal

"The lock is a simple idea... to keep unwanted intruders out of the room. The paranoid traveller will never again lose sleep worrying about housekeeping and no one will need to use a propped chair to lock an unlockable door again"

Road Junky Review

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